A Walk in My Backyard (Sort of)

Travel is always exciting and brings new subjects for photographic exploration. It is much harder to walk down your block and find something to capture. The subjects are there, but we become so accustomed to our immediate surroundings that we don’t “see” the interesting. Recently I went on a “photo walk” with a friend to the Deserted Village in the Watchung Reservation. I grew up with the Reservation close by and have been through the roads and hung out there, but had never been to the Deserted Village. Something new, an adventure, and something interesting to photograph.





Shells and a Sunrise

This past summer we vacationed at the beach, the New Jersey Shore. Our rental was oceanfront and of course we spent the week with the windows open to hear the sound of the surf and smell the salt air. Most of the days I was up before dawn; the beach cleaning starts early and the gulls have no respect for people sleeping. The upside? I was able to capture some sunrises. Another pastime of sitting on a beach, relaxing all day for a week, is to occasionally get up from the beach chair and go for a walk. On the way it’s not uncommon to find some seashells. Another photo opportunity after enough are collected.


Sunrise over the Atlantic


Sunrise and Shells


Shells I


Shells II
















Sunrise over the Atlantic

Some Indian Motorcycle Parts

Some old Indian motorcycle parts.


Close-up of the Indian head on a piece that would grace the fender.






















Seat spring and a piece that the head lamp would attach to.






















Kick start lever, gear section.


A Man and His Plane

I met Rene about a year or two ago at the gym. As we conversed between sets I found out he owns and flies a plane and a glider. He agreed to be photographed with his plane. The glider shot is still planned although it was damaged in Hurricane Sandy and may not fly again.