On a recent trip to Manhattan to escort my kids to a bus we walked by a stand of Citibikes. These are rent-able and you just leave them at a stand near your destination. While waiting for the kids to board the bus I saw a guy riding a bike with a trailer attached with 3 Citibikes mounted to it, heading in the direction of the 8th Ave bicycle stand. After I took the shot below there were 3 more bikes with trailers in tow that went by. It looks like some manual effort is needed to keep the bikes stocked in certain places.


Escort to NYC (Return Trip)















In contrast with the train ride in the ride back was quite empty. Rush hour had ended. It would be about 5 or 6 hours before the exodus from Manhattan would begin and fill the trains and platforms leaving the city. There are many trains that leave Manhattan and stop in Newark, but the trains to my hometown run hourly. I had 40 minutes to kill in Newark.































Escort to NYC















My kids wanted to see their grandfather in Massachusetts. There is a cheap bus that departs from Manhattan. I elected to escort them to the bus via mass transit, at the tail end of rush hour. They got a seat on the first leg, which has us change trains in Newark, NJ. For the second leg into Manhattan we stood in the doorway. A perfect rush hour commuter experience. Standing allowed me to get some shots of the scenery one would experience on the way into the city.






























Coffee Lounge
















There is an old motel near us, on a major highway, nestled between stores. While there for some work I took some photos of the Coffee Shop. Stainless counter with red vinyl seats. Decorated for the holidays and vacant. There is a coffee maker, but it has probably been years since this coffee shop was full service.





































Will and His Friends Pt. 2

In part 1 of this post I had images of Will. Here are his friends and their bikes.
































































































Will and His Friends Pt. 1

I was able to photograph Will and his friends with their motorcycles. Here is Will.




























Weekend Away Part II

Some more images from our AC/Cape May weekend.

Benches on the boardwalk. Old and new.














Two examples of the decorative wood work for fences and porch railings.







































































































Weekend Away Part I

This past weekend my wife and I got away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. We started with a night at Harrah’s in Atlantic City and then continued south to Cape May. We had a lot of fun in both cities and I was able to get some images.

We’ll start with Exit 0. Not sure if many states have one, but the Garden State Parkway does. Cape May plays it up and you will see this in many of the souvenier shops.


Last exit on the Parkway
















Two shots of the view from our 16th floor room at Harrah’s. This was the marina view.



























Two examples of the Victorian architecture prominent in Cape May. Many bed and breakfasts inhabit these old abodes.











































And there was happy hour at poolside tiki bars.


Vacation: Marco Island

Vacations. Time to recharge, rest, strike out on adventures. See and experience a new place.

That newness also means new photographs. Not always unique to the portfolio, but unique in that it is where you are, and it is documentation of your experience. Recently we had a chance to spend a week in Marco Island, Florida, in an ocean front condo. Since Marco Island is on the Gulf of Mexico we were treated to fabulous sunsets from our balcony as well as some interesting storms. Here are a few from that week.





Karl and I have been friends for a long time. In our younger days we frequented many watering holes in the area including NYC, rode motorcycles, and hung out a lot. He recently came back to New Jersey for an “epicurean adventure.” Living states apart we don’t get to hang out like we used to. Sometimes life just happens.



Karl on the street in Manhattan a few doors down from Becco where we would dine that evening. Following dinner we made our way to the Village. It has been years since Karl was in Manhattan.


Sitting on a stoop on MacDougal Street in Manhattan across from Mamoun’s. Most if not all of our escapades in the city would eventually end with us sitting in a car outside of Mamoun’s eating falafal before we made our way back home. Karl bought a few to take back to his home state.


After years of not riding Karl bought a motorcycle a few years back. Eventually I will make my way down to his home to capture an image of him and his motorcycle. Time goes by so quickly and although we all still think we are in our mid 20’s the reality is that the years do catch up. Going by that last sentence I should change eventually to this year.