Greg Pastuzyn

Close-Up Set

A neighbor came by and dropped off a bag with some equipment he no longer had use for. Inside was a Nikon 8008 with two lenses, a flash and a Hoya Close-Up Set. I had a lens with the same diameter and tried it out on some dead flowers. With the inexpensive macro tubes you lose control over the lens. With these the metering and focus still worked. Here are two shots.

Dead Flower I

















Dead Flower II

Fall and a Harley in B&W

Had some fun with a wide angle lens, a willing guy and his bike and fall leaves. (Though you can’t tell since I also decided to show in B&W)














































Broken Windows

From a recent round trip to Manhattan via train. Both directions pass the backs of many industrialized areas, many in various stages of decay.
























The Three Vinces

The Three Vinces

The Three Vinces

Another image for the Y Mens’ calendar. Vince and I take part in a TRX boot camp weekly. So when it was time for his close up I decided on the TRX theme. Once shooting however, a single person in the frame was lost to the expanse of the room. Vince was photographed in different strap positions and a composite was made. Title wise and concept,¬† this image is the one I have the most fun with when people talk about the calendar. His wife loves it.

A Splash of Fall Color

Taken on one of my attempts to add more cardio into my routine (walking). Carrying the camera adds additional¬† weight doesn’t it? It’s fall here and the leaves have started turning and falling.

Red Leaves

More Montreal

Just images this time. It really is a pretty city.

True pints are served

True pints are served

Wall mural

Wall mural









































































Y Mens’ Calendar II

Most of this project was shot during the winter. And our most recent was probably the most winterish in 30 years, meaning it was cold and snowy. A lot. It is only a 5 minute drive from my residence to the Y and for the most part I had no issues with the equipment getting cold enough on the ride there to fog once indorrs. I knew I was shooting in the pool which was nice and humid. Arrived early, or at least I thought early enough to allow the equipment to acclimate. Nope. It wasn’t long enough. As soon as Richard arrived and got in position the lens fogged up.
As Richard treaded water in the deep end, (well, I hope he swam some laps), I took the camera and lens to the locker room where a convenient hair dryer quickly took care of the fog issue.



Votive candles at Notre Dame Basilica

Over the summer we spent a long weekend in Montreal. It’s an easy city to get around, clean, with great food. Some shots from then.


Requisite beer tap shot






Alley with open door


Scene from one of the restaurants in Old Montreal


We found a great farm market in Little Italy


Outside of the immediate downtown the city felt more suburban

Y Mens’ Calendar I

Jack as Captured

Jack as Captured

I belong to a YMCA that donates each year to the Strong Kids Campaign. A member came up with the idea of a calendar as a fund raiser. I was commissioned volunteered to photograph the images for the calendar. I was handed a stack of photo releases with names and not much else. I soon realized it would be up to me to contact, schedule and photograph the other volunteers.

More on the specifics in future posts.

Jack was the first to be photographed. He is retired and goes on a three month cruise each year. So I had to get him before he left.

My approach was to interview the participants to get an idea of what they liked to do at the gym and capture that. Jack mainly talked to people in the locker room and used the cardio equipment. So his page was on the elliptical.

Side note: the Y I belong to has a “gold” and “silver” membership with separate locker rooms. The “gold” has a sauna, whirlpool, laundry service, and exercise equipment contained in the locker room. This calendar was for members of the “gold” mens’ locker room.

Jack as he appeared in the calendar.

Jack as he appeared in the calendar.

From a Recent Trip To Manhattan

Had to go to Manhattan recently. Captured these along the way.